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Don’t Let The Commercials Fool You…
There are some pretty amusing insurance commercial personalities out there, and while some of them have innovative ideas that are pushing the front lines of insurance forward, others would have you believe you can only get special coverages from them.
Take Accident Forgiveness for example – we can write that! And, what’s more, it’s automatically included in some policies!

What about that business of only getting 75% of your brand new car back? That is called New Car Replacement and we can offer that too. Again, it’s automatically included in some policies we write.

Do you have pets? Do they ride in your car? Well you might be interested to know that Pet Medical Coverage is included in many policies as well? Just another automatic coverage from just some of the companies we offer.

The point is, don’t think that just because it’s on a commercial, it’s a new or exclusive idea. Most everything that’s advertised by these other companies, Young Insurance offers and more. Just ask us about it! Click here for a quote

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