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Trust me; we recognize that the cost of insuring a teen driver can be expensive. The first step to protecting your teen driver, and your household, is to inform your insurance company that there is a new licensed driver in the home. If parents purposely avoid listing their teenagers, either as living in the house, or as named-owners of vehicles in the household, auto claims can be declined, or your insurance company may cancel your policy.

If your teen causes injury, or is injured, in a serious car accident while driving, but are not listed as named driver on the car they normally drive there can be unfortunate consequences. These consequences could include, but are not limited to, your child’s medical bills not being covered by your insurance.

As with any life changes, you should discuss coverage options with your agent to find the best value, and protection for your household. Your agent realizes that all parents are trying to save money on their family’s car insurance and will work to get you the proper coverage for the best value.

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