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The weather is warming up time to think about getting the proper coverage for your boat, RV, Travel Trailer, or Motorcycle.

We finally made it – spring has arrived! There are a few reminders around (a.k.a. snow piles), but consistently warmer weather is just around the corner. Really!

After over 114″of snow, 40″ more than the average season, many of you will be venturing outside to look in our garage, shed, or under the tarp in the backyard to check out your toys. Motorcycles, boats, ATVs, RVs, and travel trailers are practically begging to be used after all that snow!

So don’t wait until the day you want to take your bike for a spin or head to the campground with your RV to make sure that you have the proper insurance! It’s as easy as making a phone call to your agent to schedule your toys on your homeowners policy, or you maybe you need a new policy. Either way, remember its all fun and games until someone (or something) gets hurt, and the only thing worse than that would be finding out you aren’t insured properly.

You wouldn’t drive around in an uninsured car – so don’t spend your summer cruising around on toys without coverage.

Call, email, or visit our website, and let us make sure you’re fully covered & then go have some fun!

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