Young Insurance
We will build our traditional business base by strengthening our relationships with our carriers, broker, and most importantly, our customers. We intend to expand our base by aggressively seeking opportunities to increase our market share, create and enter new markets and to encourage long term business relationships.
Local First
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No-Fault Insurance Reform

What we do

We offer over 20 companies to compare with so you can rely on us to find the best value for your hard earned insurance dollars. We feel that keeping our money local is also a key component to helping Michigan out of our current economic situation.  To that end, we have aligned ourselves with primarily Michigan based companies who employee Michigan citizens and invest in our communities.

All we need to get your quote started is the front page(s) of your policy, simple as that!

Our History

The Young Agency was originally established in 1923 as the CCB Kutts Agency. In 1948, Willis A. Young bought it and changed the name to W.A. Young, Inc. Bernie Young joined the family business in 1966, developing strong community relationships and a local, conscientious staff.

In 1984, Del J Doyle of Doyle & Ogden Insurance Advisors in Grand Rapids, purchased the agency from Bernie, maintaining both the Young Insurance name and dedicated employees. The Young Agency built its reputation over the years as a leading provider of insurance protection in the nothern Kent County area. We have since expanded the territory to all of Michigan and are opening Illinios, Indiana and Ohio presences. That commitment is as strong today as it was over 70 years ago.

The foundation of our business is built on integrity, experience, and our long term relationships with our carriers and most importantly our customers.  We consistently seek to increase our market share, to create and enter new markets. 

Our specialty programs include Salvage YardsHotel/Motel, and School Employees.